Bhaiya ji Smile :-)

You must have heard these words in recent block buster movie of our Salman bhai “Dabangg”. The villain has hired a special photographer to click pictures of his own in various positions. In full movie the only dialogue the photographer says is “Bhaiya ji Smile” and clicks pictures using his camera.


Now with the help of Smart phones which has the facility to click HD pictures, I have seen more and more people are clicking their own photos, to update their DP for Facebook or Twitter or Whatsapp or BB chat or Orkut or rather any social website or any chat on the mobile.

I always wonder what do we call such people, Photogenic or self obsessed? Or is it that they want to capture each and every moment of their life and post it on some place so that all known people are updated with the latest whereabouts. Or is it that these people likes to see their own beauty and admire it day and night J. Technology has really benefited such people. Smart phones with very high capacity storage and good mega pixel camera has made life simpler for them, rather hiring a personal photographer as in the case of Chedi Singh in Dabangg. To add to these the latest phones has dual camera (front and back) which works together at the same time and not to forget the editing software which are easily and freely available in the market which helps to look more photogenic.

How can we forget the other side of the person who does not like to click any photos of their own or clicked by anyone. Do they have photophobia or are they un-photogenic? Many have their own reasons of not clicking any pictures or allowing anyone to click their pictures. But these people can still smile like others 🙂

Which category are you in???

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