As the name says Indian Railway – strong and deeply penetrated across the country.My journey started last friday morning from Borivali to Jammu (only one direct train from Mumbai to reach Jammu) and I had my reservation in 3 tier AC coach. I have a train phobia in the sense I am worried and tensed before my journey starts. Don’t know whether I will be able to get into the train in the stipulated time halt, whether I will get my reserved seat empty and hoping no one has pre occupied it. By overcoming all this phobias I hopped into the train and what a relief …. My seat was empty and my journey started.

So again getting back on track… Indian railway has improved a lot. Train was on schedule at borivali and even coaches were neat and clean. And to add to it bed sheets, pillows and also blanket were all neatly kept. And not to forget Bed sheets were washed in surf excel (daag dundhte reh jaoge). There were house keeping guys who use to come after every few hours for cleaning  the floor and toilet too. All in all Indian railways has maintain cleanliness. Only improvement they need as per me is communication system in all the bogies. Wherein the driver or the guard of the train can reach all passengers in case of any emergency. All in all I need to mention that Indian railways has really improved a lot over the past years.

However my train was delayed for 3 hours due to some technical issue.Hope you all also have must seen the improvement or maybe you can try traveling once in Indian Railways.

4 thoughts on “Bhartiya Rail !!

  1. payal narkar

    I do agree tht indian railways have improved a lot. But i feel tht they still need to work on the speed of their website, specially during bookings.


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