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Moments before your holidays…

Work !!! Work !!! Work !!! We all cannot get this word out from our blood, specially Mumbaikars. We are workaholic people and are known for this fame all around the world.

From tomorrow I am going for my mid term vacation and am writing this at the last moment before start of my vacation. Why does it happen that when one has planned to go for holidays and all of sudden the last 2-3 working days before you go on leave is very hectic in terms of work. I am not sure whether such happens to all but I am pretty much sure that it happens to me always. My last 13 years of work experience, I have faced this every time I have planned to go for holidays.

Huge burden of work load which one has to complete before going on vacation. Who is to be blamed ? the Boss or our self ? who is responsible for this ? In my case my current boss and also all my ex-boss are very good person and they never said no or liked to held me up working late specially when I have planned my leave months before. So, now all fingers points to myself, but I am very disciplined and hard-working person. I don’t like to keep my work pending till last moment. Then why does such happen with me always. On another thought am I too cautious and want to ensure that nothing goes wrong in my absence and hence trying to finish the work proactively. Maybe!!!

Beside office work one has to pack things for the vacation and even family expects that I should not get calls or email or sms from office during holidays. Can we really stay away from this? Technology of “Mobile on the go” cannot let us stay peacefully in our life. And now we being so use to having mails on our mobile we also cannot live without it.

Saying this am hoping to have a work free holidays (although not possible as my mobile will beep after every few minutes shouting new email).

Rain – Relief or Devastator !!!

Hi Everyone,

This is my first blog post so please excuse me if I am not upto the mark.

Rains Rains Rains … we all just wait for the Rain God to shower his blessings on us after a long unbearable heat in summers. The first Rain gives us sigh of relief from the scorching heat in summers.

First drop of rains shows happiness in each and everyone. Rains in drought affected areas bring joys and hopes for the living being. This year Maharashtra was affected by drought and it is considered to be the worst ever in last 40 years. Even Farmers are seen happy as their livelihood is dependent on Rain God. We expect rains for almost 3 – 4 months and that too in a periodic manner. Proper amount of rains helps to keep our reservoirs full and hence no scarcity of water for us all the year round.

On the other hand, Rains means inviting all sort of diseases in us. You just name it and its there all around you …Flu, Malaria, Cholera, Jaundice, Typhoid are the most common ones which normal person is easily infected during this season. One can see long queues at doctor’s clinic any time in monsoon. And not to forget the recent tragedy of very heavy rains in Uttarakhand. Rains created havoc in this state and so many lives have lost. People are still trapped and our government are trying their best to save all of them. I would not like to write or elaborate more on this as the news of this gave a shock to me!!! Lets pray for those who have lost their loved ones in this worst affected devastating act of Rains.

God Bless!!!